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Admissions Criteria

Admission to the House of Hope requires a brief telephone screening that is completed by calling the office at (614) 291-4691. Following the screening, an appointment will be scheduled for an assessment with one of our counselors.

Prospective residential clients must be motivated for treatment, express a willingness to participate, and commit to the duration of the program. Over the phone screenings must be completed by either the client themselves or an officer of the court. In addition the prospective client…

    • Must identify themselves as chemically dependent
    • Must be least 18 years of age
    • Must be living in Franklin County
    • Must be willing to work a 12-Step program
    • Must be able to climb stairsĀ  and walk moderate distances unassisted
    • Cannot have been convicted of arson or be a registered sex offender
    • Must not have any pending court dates

During the assessment, the residential program will be discussed in greater detail allowing the prospective client to ensure the program aligns with their treatment preferences. Once the prospective client has been found to meet program criteria, an admission will be scheduled. Please note, clients may not be informed of their admissibility at the time of the assessment.

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