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Admissions Criteria

Men’s Residential Assessment Interview

Admission to the House of Hope requires an assessment interview with one of our counselors. The assessment interview is arranged by appointment only by calling the office at (614) 291-4691.
The House of Hope requires that the potential resident be sober on the day of the assessment interview. The prospective client will be asked to call the agency the day following the assessment interview to confirm admission.
If the prospective client is incarcerated, an officer of the court may call to confirm admission. The client will then be placed on the House of Hope waiting list.

  • All clients will be screened prior to arranging an assessment.
  • The prospective client must identify himself as chemically dependent.
  • The prospective client or an officer of the court must make the call to arrange for the assessment interview.
  • The prospective client must be a male at least 18 years of age.
  • The prospective client must be a Franklin County resident.
  • The prospective client must be abstinent from all mood-altering substances for at least 72 hours prior to admission.
  • The prospective client must have participated in prior treatment (detox is not considered treatment) and be familiar with 12 step programs. Or the client must have been referred by another AOD treatment program, having participated in that program and demonstrated a need for a greater level of care.
  • The prospective client must be able to enter and leave buildings without assistance.
  • Prospective clients can not have been convicted of Arson OR be a Registered Sex Offender.
  • If a prospective client has been convicted of rape, murder, or kidnapping those charges will be reviewed individually during an assessment.
  • Prospective clients will not be informed of their admissibility at the time of the assessment interview.
  • The prospective client must call by 4:00 pm on the next business day to confirm if they are accepted into the program.