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Loving, Healing Homes

Our recovery residences offers recovery support, healing, comfort, and peer family style living as well as places for privacy and serenity. There is plenty of room to get together or spread out, and all the amenities you would expect in a home.

Applying for Residence

Individuals interested in living at our Recovery Residences can apply directly to the Housing Coordinator.
Applicants should consider if Sober Housing is truly a good fit for them. Anyone may refer to our program.
If you are seeking sober Housing in one of our Recovery Residences, you must meet the below criteria prior to scheduling an interview.

Applicant Admissions Criteria

  • You must currently be a Franklin County resident.
  • You must be sober for a minimum of thirty days (but we prefer longer).
  • We must speak directly with the person seeking sober housing.
  • You must be employed and able to pay $85 weekly or $340 monthly prior to setting up an interview. If you are on disability you will be required to participate in at least 20 hours of work, volunteer or educational activities.
  • You must be currently working a 12 step program, attending at least four meetings a week and working the steps with a sponsor
  • You must interview with the current residents. The interview process is to determine how committed you are in working your 12-step program and that you will be a positive asset to the house. Following the interview, the current residents will take a vote; you will be notified of the results within 24 hours.
  • We do not offer recovery housing for women at this time.

Connect With Us

For a list of other sober housing facilities in Franklin County for men and woman, click on the link below. This list is offered for information only and is not an endorsement.
Please note: We do not accept applicants who are currently incarcerated and/or in a treatment program outside of Franklin County.